What We Care About

Handcrafted Textiles
We are committed to products made by the hands of people. We value the unique prints and designs made possible by the human touch. Our member companies produce high quality, hand-made items like block-printed linens, clothing, and other home furnishings. You will also find textile made-ups and other home decor and even hand-sewn felt products.

A Cleaner Environment
We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of textile production. While the global textile industry pollutes more water than any other sector, Jaipur Bloc members are coming together to share resources, reduce our usage and develop more efficient processes that will protect the environment and leave clean water for future generations.

A Sustainable Workforce
We also value the people behind the crafts. We got our start advocating for the preservation of hand-block printing in Jaipur, India. Our members have helped this 500 year-old craft adapt to present-day markets while maintaining their signature character. From improving occupational health and safety to training of local workforces, we are preserving the handcrafted element of our products while meeting the demands of the global market.

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