Water Harvesting

Capturing the Monsoon
The Park boasts two types of very large rainwater storage systems. These tanks will store nearly an entire year’s worth of rainwater. The capacity must be high because almost all of the annual rainfall occurs during the monsoon season—a period of just two months.

Drinking Water Harvested at Each Manufacturing Unit
Each unit in the park boasts an underground tank that can hold the same amount of water that would fall on the roof of the unit in one year. All of these tanks together can hold 3.75 million litres of rainwater. This high-quality water will be treated to potable levels for use within the park.

Central Water Harvesting
In addition, a large central reservoir will collect the run-off from the rest of the park’s roads and paved surfaces. It can hold 13.5 million litres of water, which will be passed to the central effluent treatment plant, compensating for the water the plant is unable to recover. This creates a sustainable system with very little waste.

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