Sustainable Development

Making Good Places to Work
Production facilities at the Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park have ergonomically designed workstations, proper lighting, good ventilation, and all the necessary facilities to help traditional methods meet market demand. We are also training a new generation of artisans from the surrounding areas, providing employment and skills for a sustainable workforce. In addition, we want to see people have job security, employee benefits and fair wages because research shows that means better health and a better future for the families of workers.

Making Tradition Work in the Modern Market
We are upgrading the traditional system. Jaipur has a long heritage of hand-block printing and more recently has become a hub for all kinds of textile production. But, what was once a cottage industry, with families creating relatively small quantities for local markets, is now a part of global trade. The increased demand is more than decentralized, piece-rate production can handle. Our efforts are creating desirable conditions for artisans and overcoming a generational decline in the available workforce.

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