About us

Jaipur Bloc is a cluster of companies who have come together to support the sustainable production of handcrafted textiles. We include small and medium-sized enterprises that create handcrafted products for the Indian domestic market as well as for global trade.


A Cluster of Producers Coming Together

Members of the Jaipur Bloc incorporated as the Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Private Limited in 2006. The goal of cluster was to provide world-class infrastructure and eco-friendly facilities for textile units in India. This new cluster is a result of the joint efforts of the European Commission's SWITCH Asia Project, the Government of India's Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks, and the Consortium of Textile Producers (COTEX).

what we do

We preserve traditional crafts by creating better infrastructure for today's markets. We reduce the environmental impact of textile production by recycling up to 90% of our water in a common effluent treatment plant. We improve working conditions for artisans and craftsmen by creating new facilities with ergonomically designed workstations, proper lighting, good ventilation and introducing better job rotations, employee benefits and fair wages.  We introduce traditional handcrafted products to the global market through collective representation at national and international trade shows. We model eco-friendly production for other industrial centers by documenting our progress and sharing our results with other textile clusters in India.

latest updates

A nine-member team of Indian ambassadors posted in various countries visited Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Private Limited  JAIPUR BLOC on 28...

A high-level delegation of European Union parliamentarians, led by Geoffrey Van Orden, visited Bagru based Jaipur Integrated Texcraft Park Private...

A Jury of World Craft Council visited our park and they appreciated our effort being done for keeping this craft alive.

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